Friday Field Notes

by parenture on June 8, 2012

 I love June–with its warm weather and end-of-school vibe. Plus, the fact that it’s my birthday month gives me an extra excuse to eat ice cream and cake. What’s not to like about that?! In other June news, I started a new full-time job this week. So, needless to say, you’re likely to find less frequent posts here. For now, a few things I jotted down this week:

- I’d like to have the full color spectrum of these Moleskin Volant notebooks, all lined up on my white desk, but so far I just have the pink/rose set.

- I’m using one for work notes, and the other to keep track of my daughter’s meals; one of my summer goals is to make weekly (or maybe even monthly) meal plans like this. I also want to try to cook at least one new recipe each week, so I’ve been looking around here and here.

- Speaking of food, I had an incredibly delicious dinner with my mom and sister at Pure Food and Wine in Gramercy last weekend (insider tip: ask for a table in the garden/backyard). Inspired, I made these vegan bean burgers at home and they were delicious!

- If you’re looking for stylish pens, paper, and notebooks (plus some great Japanese gifts for kids), check out the downstairs section of Kinokuniya Bookstore in midtown–not far from my new office.

- In travel-related notes, one of my favorite blogs, Hither&Thither, posted a wonderful piece on the Jalousie Plantation in St. Lucia, where we stayed in December 2011, and included a link to my article on St. Lucia; super flattering! Where are you going for your next vacation?

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Ashley June 10, 2012 at 3:06 pm

Just wish we’d had more of a chance to do all of the things you suggested! Will just have to go back I guess…
What’s the new job? Congratulations and best of luck!


parenture June 11, 2012 at 1:20 am

Even doing all that we did in St. Lucia, I want to go back too! And I have a million ideas for summer vacations (Maine, Barcelona… just to name a few), but nothing planned yet. You? New gig is here, thanks for asking!


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