Just back from… Boston

by parenture on March 27, 2012

I was in Boston this past weekend, celebrating my best friend’s upcoming wedding with an amazing group of ladies. A few of us went to school in the city, at Boston University, and it was so much fun to be back in town, reminiscing and looking around at how much has changed since we were students. Here are a few of the highlights, old and new:

  • Running on the Charles River Esplanade (one of my favorite places to jog and an area that’s full of awesome playgrounds like this one)
  • The Four Seasons Hotel (amazing service and the best beds, plus fancy cocktails, yummy late-night grilled cheese sandwiches delivered by room service, and a delicious brunch buffet)
  • Exhale Spa (fabulous yoga and massages)
  • Lolita (cool vibe, good Mexican food, tasty drinks… especially the broken heart margaritas)
  • Hubway (Boston’s new bike-sharing system; photo above courtesy of Hubway/Facebook)

Do you have favorite places in Boston? Want to plan a trip? Got any questions for me about where to go?

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