Flying essentials #1: Best carry-on bags

by parenture on December 16, 2011


It was love at first sight when I laid eyes on this StowAway bag (above) at Flight 001. Big, lightweight, durable, and cheap! I literally looked at the price tag three times before asking a salespersons if it was correct. It costs just $26 (seriously), weighs almost nothing, and folds up into its own pouch. Plus, all of the profits after taxes go to help ill children and their families. I packed it full of everything I needed for Baby E during our flight to Saint Lucia and kept it under my feet for easy access. The only negative is that there aren’t any pockets inside, so to help me stay organized, I used these zipper bags from Baggu for toys, snacks, and extra clothes and this drawstring bag from Flight 001 for diapers and wipes.

If I had taken a slightly shorter trip (or been a better packer), I would have just taken the Skip Hop Bento bag (above) with me. It wasn’t quite large enough to fit everything I needed this time, but I love it. You can wear it messenger style or as a tote, and it hangs easily on a stroller. In fact, even thought I didn’t use it on this flight, I did bring the Bento bag’s changing pad and amazing insulated cooler with me, both of which you can buy separately. The cooler includes three plastic food containers and a freezer pack. It’s an absolute travel essential, as far as I’m concerned. 

Finally, for the dads out there, I’ve written about the Canvas 1963 Trip Bag from Lands End Canvas (above) before, but now I can tell you from personal experience: It’s awesome. My husband carried this piece of luggage on the plane with him–packed with our electronics and warm clothes, plus plenty of extra snacks, juice boxes, and milk for Baby E–and he loved it. So much so that now he wants the Canvas 1963 work bag, too.

All of these carry-on pieces work well as weekend or overnight bags too, so you might want to consider them if you’re going away for a couple days over the holidays–by car, train, or plane. Wherever you go, wishing you safe, easy, and happy travels!

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