Indoor adventures with the Zany Zoo

by parenture on September 29, 2011

B. Zany Zoo Wooden Activity Cube. Additional View 1

With all of the rain lately, I’ve been trying to come up with some new indoor adventures for Baby E–besides the old standbys, of course, like playing with Tupperware, banging the pots and pans, and opening and closing every door and drawer in reaching distance. We tried using crayons, but that didn’t go so well. Paper wasn’t as exciting as scribbling on the walls, and I ended up a cranky one-year-old when I decided to put away the art supplies. Note to self: Try drawing in a highchair next time.

Fortunately for us, a new toy arrived and saved the day. Thank you, Zany Zoo from B. Toys! This discovery cube has doors to open with animals hiding behind them, rotating wooden alphabet blocks, curvy paths to push animals up and down, and beads that spin around on top. If you’re looking for a new indoor adventure or starting to think about holiday gift ideas for your family, try the Zany Zoo. It’s available online at for $59.99.

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